This is a slice of Martian meteorite NWA 12269 (Northwest Africa). This stunning piece of Mars features a vein of impact melt glass produced by the impact that sent this chunk hurtling through Space towards its eventual fall to Earth. Scientists have determined this stone came from the surface of Mars because the glass melt veins contain bubbles and trapped inside those bubbles are all the atmospheric gasses our rovers have discovered on the surface of Mars.    This meteorite is stone and will absorb oils, lotion, and sweat, which will darken the piece.  This piece is set in a hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant sterling silver with a pure silver bezel.  A 20 inch heavy weight sterling silver rounded box chain, 2.6mm diameter, is included. It is tarnish resistant silver, not plated, and does not contain any nickel so it is hypoallergenic. I can make this chain in any length.

mars pendant #26B

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