This  piece of the moon with the black melt and several large gray, white, and beige clasts tells the story of the cataclysmic event which brought it here.  In this piece you can see the larger clasts breaking apart as they travel from the bottom towards the top through the melt.  There is a great contrast with the three larger clasts  and the many tiny clasts scattered throughout the dark melt.  This is from a slice of lunar meteorite classified as NWA 13119 (Northwest Africa).An asteroid struck the moon, ejecting this material towards earth.  The impact created heat which melted much of the material, the black, and trapped the remaining pieces in the melt before it mixed in.  Set in a hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant sterling silver with a pure silver bezel. 
This pendant comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  It is listed in the Meteoritical Society database, approved on Feb 9, 2020 as 1 of 241 approved Lunar meteorites at the time.  I, Phillip Todd, am listed as the holder of the main mass.

lunar pendant #b8